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“Springtime”, 24”x24”, Acrylic on canvas. Spring in the Pacific Northwest is always beautiful and this year is no exception but for the strange melancholy in the air. The past week was full of lovely spring rains, bursting colors in the trees and plants… and an uneasy quiet of a pandemic. This painting is all of that.   ~Mary 4.26.2020              

Detail of "Park Closed", 44"x44", Acrylic on Paper, 2020. The day before yesterday I spent my lunch hour at the edge of a park on Seattle's Portage Bay. The park was closed to visitors as part of the current stay-at-home orders. Sunshine, clear sky, a warm breeze, bright green grasses, an occasional dandelion, some really well-mannered Canadian Geese, sparkling blue water, passing boats, golden yellow lawn chairs sitting empty... all protected by a chain link fence. Everything on the other side of the fence was so beautiful that all I could think was 'good will prevail' during these hard times. I don't know why but when I got home from work, I just had to paint that park. And even though the painting probably looks nothing like what that park looks like to most people this is what it looked like and felt like to me. And I just know that good will prevail.  ~Mary 4.18.2020              

“406”, 30”x30”, Acrylic on canvas. An ode to the coming week’s cancelled trip to Montana with best friends. Probably my favorite area code in the world to be where some of my favorite people in the world are.  Hidden in this painting are tributes to dear friends, good times had, good times to come, a favorite house of mine just outside of Helena… and a special shout-out to a friend’s dad  in Helena  who won a car when he made a hole in one on a local golf course while shooting with only one hand (true story)!       ~Mary 4.12.2020

”Morning Walk on the Sound“, 26”x38”, Acrylic & pencil on board, 2020.  I split my painting between portraiture and abstract work.  This is my first painting of 2020 and was an exercise to dust off my paintbrushes in preparation for a new portrait project  I’m beginning.  This painting was inspired by an early morning walk on the beach.  The red shapes across the middle of the painting mark an orange freight train rolling along the tracks next to the beach.  Somewhere in there too is a cool gin and tonic.

”Road to the Grill", 46"x69", Acrylic on board, 2017. Now showing at the Sand Point Grill, Seattle.  At this one curve on Sand Point Way, you can continue on and go to the Grill, stop and gas-up at the Union 76 Station, turn and visit Bertrand’s garden, go to Gretchen’s for a cup of coffee (where I met my husband), step through the trees and onto the Burke Gilman for a bicycle ride or drive on to Children’s Hospital (where when I landed as a teen with a broken nose I decided to become a nurse).  And if you approach this curve at just the right speed in your car, you can hit every green light all the way to the Montlake Bridge (I’ve done it!).  

One in a series of eight

commissioned paintings 

that celebrates the  friends, neighbors, neighborhoods and history  of the community that meet at the Sand Point Grill!

Special Commission, 30”x40””, Mixed media on canvas, 2018. 

On display at the Sand Point Grill in Seattle’s Laurelhurst neighborhood.

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