The subjects of my portraits are people I help care for as a nurse at the clinic where I work in Seattle’s Pioneer Square.  Many of the sitters in my portraits are homeless; some are not. All have been touched by homelessness.  Warm gloves, hats, underwear, socks (often worn two months at a time), a cup of coffee and a sandwich are luxuries for people who are homeless.  Instead of putting a dollar value on my portraits, I sell them in exchange for items that are given to our patients at the clinic and to other organizations that help people in need.

“A.C.” SOLD!  Brand new tape measures to help Habitat for Humanity build homes.

“Louis” SOLD!  600 New, warm stocking caps for people in Seattle.

“William” SOLD!  1,600 Homemade sandwiches to food pantries in Baltimore, Maryland.

“Ethel” SOLD!  1,600 Homemade sandwiches to feed hungry people.

“Felicia” SOLD!  1,000 New pairs of socks & a ticket for Felicia to ride the Space Needle.

“Daniel” SOLD!  700 New, warm stocking caps.

“The Captain” SOLD!  New socks.

“Michael”  FOR SALE!  500 New pairs of mens underwear.  October ’16.

“Mr.Lee” SOLD!  Socks & underwear for homeless in Helena, Montana.

“Rufus” SOLD!  Hammers & nails to help Habitat for Humanity build homes.

“Robert” SOLD!  1,001 Cans of food collected by school children for Vashon Island Food Bank.

“Felton” SOLD!  1,000 Cans of food delivered to Seattle food bank.

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